What to do if the author banned my license

Hey to whom should i contact in senior level author from whom i purchased the script banned my license key because i rated 1 star because of his pathetic support.

You can email Envato Market Help and Support

Charlie thanks for replying I already did tried opened the ticket too #2707533 provided so many proofs to Phil who was from Customer Success Officer L2. And Charlie author is so smart he owned php script and remotely blocked the license and he was saying to Phil that my server is not compatible that’s why it’s showing banned.
Ok i said for once I accept that my server is not compatible that’s why it was showing so why does on his website my license key is showing banned. So here I got him so point is simple he did blocked and not just many other people out there even customer who did purchased in review section said when they given him 1 star he did blocked license. And for the ticket I did provided above is having video proof too.

Unfortunately there’s no one in these forums who can help with this esp without insight to the issue, server status etc.

If there’s a compatibility issue then I would expect you to at least be able to be refunded - you can use the link at the bottom of this page https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Thanks charlie but the refund period is gone for me!

I would go back to support -

If the refund period is over then you must have been using it for some time

If the issue was the server then this would have been apparent immediately

If as you mentioned there are comments/reviews of then blocking people for negative reviews then share that too.

Authors should not even have the ability to retract access to a buyers site even if they wanted to. That alone breaches different rules

Yes thats what i showed to Phil author did breached the rules see the script you can download

You can see download is available easily:

You can see if you give him 1 star he gonna just blocked the license remotely:

And this is his own site which showing license is not valid:

This is complicated - it’s not right for the author to be rude or to disable an item (which they claim they didn’t) BUT they are well within their rights to refuse to support a buyer who is outside of their support period. Plus we don’t know what the support request was for or if it was something basic.

This is why it’s hard to get answers to this type of thing here where we don’t have all the info

Charlie its there right to provide support or not but what about buyers right banning the license is acceptable by Envato team?

No it’s not

They are denying they are doing this and only envato support will have the info etc to investigate that properly