Moody author threatening to revoke my license


I bought a plugin that is performing well, but the customer support has left me high and dry. I left a negative review about the support and the author responded to my question ticket informing me to seek a refund and that my license would be revoked in 48 hrs. I think English is their 2nd language so I can’t tell if they mean they’re revoking my license whether or not I seek a refund.

I don’t think that’s legal for an Author to do this… I already have the plugin installed with hours of configuration time spent for my site, and while I suppose I could create a new envato account to re-buy the plugin, it is a very stressful situation.



I think they just offered you to get a refund.
About license validity: license will be valid for lifetime if you don’t request for refund and continue the plugin. Author can’t revoke the license as they sold it to you.

Better to fix any situation with nice co-operation with both Author and customer. Author create product to get more and more happy customers on the other hand customer purchase product to think that product and support will be friendly. So, both should have a nice co-operation to fix any issue.


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Thanks for your response. Authors and customers getting along would be ideal, for sure! Seems a lot of people have had issues with this author’s support. Thankfully I don’t think I’ll be needing more help with it. Take care.