What to do if a Theme author is unable to provide support that you paid for!?!?

I paid for a premium theme and I also paid for support. There is a problem with one of the 3rd party plugins, which it clearly says they will support.

It’s been 8 days and I am unable to get a resolution, or even an acknowledgment that that know what the problem is.

It looks like one of the major frameworks (unyson) that power themes sold on themeforest.net is dead and no longer supported.

So my question is, what options do I have now? I already paid for a premium theme with support, and now my website is running with this theme.

It depends whether the author is not willing to or just not able to help.
In the end, you can always try to ask for a refund. Or, if you’ve already too invested in the theme, you can hire a developer who may be able to find a fix for the issue.

Is the theme which you are using still selling on ThemeForest?

Yes it is.

And the Author is willing and trying to help, but the framework provider is not responding to support requests. Not on their own site, or from the theme author.

It looks like it’s been over two months since they responded to a support request.

Sorry, you have sent me a link to GitHub - not to the theme which is selling on ThemeForest. That plugin/framework has nothing to do with ThemeForest - it is not selling over ThemeForest/CodeCanyon and it looks like it is free. And if the author has “left” that project - you can (almost) nothing do about that.

@LSVRthemes has already told you which are your options - but you can not ask for refund. So, or hire someone to try to fix that or start to use other theme.

What I also see here - https://themeforest.net/user/themefuse - author has removed all his items from portfolio - in other words, he is not selling any more over ThemeForest at all.

I didn’t know you were asking for a link to the theme. Here it is:

The fact that themefuse has removed everything from their portfolio is great. But if themeforest is still selling a bunch of themes that depend on that framework, then the people buying it will NOT be able to get support.

That is the point of this thread. The theme author (shufflehound) is doing their best to support me. But the framework it is built on seems to be no longer supported.

So, any theme that is build on the unyson framework, is effectively unsupported and will no longer get important security updates to its framework.

Thank you - I get the point now. And yes, it looks like there is no easy fix and win-win combination for authors/customers in this situation.

I was hoping someone from themeforest team would chime in here. There are a lot of themes that cost a decent amount of money that will become useless here.

Until there is some official statement that the Unyson is no longer being developed, there is no reason for anyone to chime in IMHO.
Considering there is no mention of any serious issues in the latest review and comments on that theme I assume this is some very specific one which does not affect/bother everyone.

Either ask for a refund (it may not be guaranteed you get it, but there is a chance) or hire a developer who will take a deep look at your issue and maybe will be able to fix it. If the Unyson developer is not getting back to you, then those are your only two options.
Waiting for some official Envato stuff to chime in is a waste of time, because I am not sure what do you expect they would do? You can always create a ticket in the help center if you think they can come up with some solution.

I would expect them to not continue to charge customers for themes that they know cannot be supported.

If you do continue to sell them, then you are setting your customers up for a disaster in the future. What if a major security flaw is found in that framework? Does everyone who paid for a support theme now have to buy a new theme, redo their whole website or risk the chances of that vulnerability being exploited?

Would you want to buy a theme that you knew the major framework would never be updated or supported? Would you pay for the extended support option?

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Again, is it 100% official that this framework is no longer being developed?

Out of interest is there a link to a statement by the Unyson author (@ThemeFuse) about support not longer continuing? It seems to still be available and I don’t see anything in Google about it?

They are a pretty big and respected author and if they planned to pull support entirely for a framework which is widely adopted then they wouldn’t do so without explaining themselves at the same time.

If not then do you know what they theme author is basing this on?

I have not seen any official statement from them. But, I have seen a support forum on git with loads of issues not being addressed for months.

I personally have a ticket open with them for 10 days with no response. I have an acquaintance who has had a ticket open for the same problem since Apr 11th with no response.

There are a ton of issues going back almost a year with no response. You can view their public support forum here:

In addition, my theme author has been trynig to contact them without any reply.

It’s difficult because GitHub is not their support network so it can’t really be used as a benchmark for what is/is not a true issue or is/is not being addressed.

But it is their official support network. If you go to the wordpress plugin page they pinned it to the top of their support page there:


Screenshot from 2020-05-19 13-58-23

That’s 2 years old - i’d focus here https://support.themefuse.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Yeah, I tried that, twice. Still no reply.

That link is very dead. The story with Themefuse - I paid under $100 for a theme and support a few years ago. I took a year to make a site for a client who paid me $3000. Now ThemeFuse has discontinued half of their themes and sold the rest to Brizy. If you are using a discontinued theme too bad - no upgrades, no userhelp, dumped. (Envato is still selling the themes on this site!!!) The Themefuse site explains all this and offers us the small token of a free Brizy plug-in if we buy another theme. I found all this out when my client’s site broke two weeks ago possibly due to a failure to work with the most recent Wodpress update. When it broke the sliders disconnected, the in-page galleries were dropped - both photo and video, and the 12 galleries won’t open properly. For two weeks I’ve been re-building the site with a new WP install etc. and trying everything. As soon as I touch one page the next breaks. It’s a nightmare. I have a small contract to maintain the site so the expenses are on me. I have all the emails for Themefuse support and Brizy. No one has replied in over a week. Getting the $100 back would be no help to me. I’ve been screwed along with anyone else using one of their discontinued themes.


Could you share a link to where this is exaplianed? Thanks

So this is the concern I have been trying to bring up. If Themefuse has stopped supporting their Unyson framework, but themeforest and authors are continuing to sell themes built on that framework, a lot more people are going to be in the same boat as you.

It seems like others on this thread are defending themefuse at all costs. I don’t know if that is true, but instead of this being taken seriously I feel like I am being virtually shushed.