We're not accepting any item with Unyson!


Please do not use Unyson as it is not longer supported by the author and now it is vulnerable we’re not accepting any item with Unyson.

ThemeForest not accepting any item with Unyson. Normally I use Unyson for theme demo import purposes as it’s demo importer is more user-friendly then One Click Demo Import Plugin. Is there any other plugin or method available for batter theme demo export/import?

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You can use Merlin

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Thank You and Checking this

The Unyson team has released the updated version several weeks ago with security issue fix:

I believe the reviewers were checking this one,has been closed.

  • Version:2.7.31
  • Last updated:2 weeks ago

This plugin has been closed as of October 11, 2023 and is not available for download. Reason: Security Issue.

Not sure if the issues are actually fixed.

The plugin was closed in October 2023 (the last version was 2.7.28), but it was updated 3 weeks ago with 2.7.31.

The issue was fixed, it can be seen in readme.txt:
(Unyson/readme.txt at master · ThemeFuse/Unyson · GitHub)

== Changelog ==

= 2.7.30 =

  • Security Issue


Or in in the commit:
Send nonce for all actions in extensions page · ThemeFuse/Unyson@7dded96 · GitHub

I think the official Github is a significant source.

No idea:)

You can update the code from Github and with a note, you can try to send the theme again

Yes, trying with this.


Could you write back about the result please?