What license for meditation series?

I would like to make a series of 30 meditations, which are uploaded as podcasts and youtube video (all free).

  1. Can I buy 5 music files as a standard music license and use them 6 times each for a different topic in the meditation series (together 30)?

  2. Is it true that I buy the licenses for the year in which it is published on Itunes, Lybsin and Youtube?

  3. If I upload a few more years later some new meditaions, do I have to buy new licenses only for the new tracks?

For 1.)
One license = one end product.

There is an exception in the case of a series. If the videos are closely related (similar topics, similar format) they can be considered part of a series. That means 5 tracks for 6 series if they have the same topic and format.

For 2.)
I don´t know

For 3.)
If it´s a part of an existing YT meditation series, you don´t need - I guess.

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Ein weiterer Meditations Track ist zur Zeit in der Queue.

Tnx, I will look at !

If you consider your podcasts to be part of a same series (shared topic: meditation) then:

  1. Yes you can. The “series policy” allows for up to 52 episodes. Here you would have 6 uses per license, so you’re covered.

  2. Not exactly. Typically Audiojungle licenses do not have time limitation. However the series policy allows the series to run for a year max with a same license. The year limitation does not start on the day you buy but rather on the day of the first episode publishing.

  3. If more than a year goes by before you upload new episodes you would have to buy new licenses for those episodes as they wouldn’t fit the “up to one year” policy.

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