standard licence

Hi, I bought music on Standard license. There is the information that I can use it only for one end product, so it means that only for one medtitaion for example? What i should buy if I would like to use the music in couple different meditations? some for free on YT or FB, one commercial on my website to sell?

There is info about multiple usage of standard licence but I do not see such possibility on this music recording.

With the standard license you can also use the music in a “series”. If you for example make 10 different meditations that are part of the same series on Youtube it’s allowed within the scope of the license.
After 52 episodes of the or after one year (whichever comes first) you would have to renew the license.

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what about using music in medtitation which I would like to sell? Which licence covers it ?

Quote from the FAQ

"Can I use music or sound effects in paid/commercial end products?

Yes, all of our Music Licenses and SFX Licenses can be used with both free or paid end products. Unlike the Regular and Extended Licenses, they do not differentiate between non-commercial/commercial uses. Please note the Music Licenses, may have other limitations on reproductions or broadcast audience, depending on which option you choose."

The standard license does have a limit to 10.000 downloads. So if you expect more you would have to buy a higher tier.

Also make sure the end product is not only the music you purchase. It has to contain another element, like a voice over (e.g. guided meditation).

Then you would have to get a couple different licenses.

There is a multi-use license for sound effects, but not for music. For music, one license equals one end-product.

There is the series policy that allows you to use the same license for up to 52 episodes of a same series within a year. But your end-products actually have to be episodes of a series. This policy should not be abused.

thank You. Now is clear for me what does it mean.