Audiojungle Series


I am producing 10 Shortclips (30 sec.) for Youtube. Every Shortclip has a different topic, but it looks same - same intro and the same outro. What is the definition of the Audiojungle series?

We will post every week a video. So I have to buy only 1 licence ore for every Video a new licence? Can you help me pleace?

Thank you!

I would just write to the artist/ music producer/ author you are going to buy from and work out a fair deal. If you can afford to buy 10 licenses (one for each video released) just make their day and buy 10 of them.

For the videos to be considered part a same series, they have to be episodes that share a same format and have related themes. If your videos do fit in this category, then you can use a single license for up to 52 episodes (or a year, whichever comes first).

If your videos don’t fit those requirements, then you’ll have to get a new license for each video indeed.