Music License for VLOG

Hello! My client asked a question. I want to clarify.
One woman launches the VLOG, which will be published twice a month. She will use the same track. What license is required for VLOG? Thanks in advance! :blush:

Standard license would be enough surely


Hello @VsevolodPankratov

No of end product will be 1 for every license

Thanks :slight_smile:

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And if you read deeper on the faq 1 license can be used in a series.

This vlog considered as a series. So one standard license would be enough for 52 episodes.

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yes you can

What constitutes a series (eg TV series, webisodes, or a magazine with monthly editions)?

To be considered a series, all things in the series (eg episode, edition) must be connected, and be released within 1 year of the first installment. There is also a maximum of 52 episodes or editions within the series.

Example: A 12 episode TV series that starts in December and ends in July would only require a single license. A YouTube series that releases an episode every week (52 total) would only need to purchase a license once every year. A magazine that releases an edition every other month would need to purchase a license once every year.

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Thank you very much for the detailed explanations, guys! This should help my clients! :blush:

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You are welcome, Thanks for choose envato community :slight_smile:

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