Licensing Question

Hey community!

I recieved a mail today from a potential client who’s very interested in one certain track of mine.
He told me that he plans to create a documentary series with around 15-20 episodes which will stream in TV and that he would like to use my track in each episode at one certain point, most likely as an outro or intro.

How many licenses does he need? My intuition after some experience in library licensing tells me that he’d need 15-20 licenses in this case but I want to go 100% sure with this!

Thank you very much for the help. :slight_smile:


One license.

Although… double check exactly how he’ll be using the documentaries, as he might need more than a standard license, even though he might only need one of them.

Oh, thank you for the answer!
Well, that’s strange. In TV you need one license per product or at least a totalized bigger end-license. AJ should definitely improve their politicy in there since it means a huge loss of money for the composer as well.

It should not be one license, Better you contact envato support for it