License help required- Thank you


I’m looking for some clarity around licenses please.

I’d like to purchase some music, which will be used in a meditation that I then have the option of re-selling If I wish.

I believe, this falls under needing an ‘extended’ license?

I can see that there are 5 different license options when choosing music, but haven’t found a specific extended license option to select?

Does this come under one of the other license options?

Or, does it fall under the standard music license option as I can see that covers monetising for commercial and non commercial purposes?

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As I understand it the standard license covers up to 10.000 copies/ downloads. I found this passage in the FAQ which seems to answer your question.

Can I use music in an audio-only end product such as a podcast, audiobook, or guided meditation?

Yes, as long as the audio-only end product is larger in scope and different in nature than the music itself. As a rule of thumb, the music alone must not comprise the primary value of the end product, and should have speech overlayed and interspersed throughout. You can never distribute the music track as-is or with superficial modifications.

Example: You can use a relaxing music background to underscore your guided meditation voiceover recordings, and sell a CD of this to your spa customers

Cheers and good luck!

This is so so helpful. Thank you!

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