Music for Guided Meditation

Hi there,
I am producing some guided meditations and want to use music from AudioJungle. The meditations could either be sold online or be added to a book as an extra gift.
Is it okay to use the standard licence here?
Thank you,

Hello, it is not allowed sell music from Audiojungle elsewhere.

Unless you buy a licence from the composer, right?


You can of course sell your guided meditation. What is not allowed is selling the music as-is or with superficial modifications.

The Music Standard license is the one you want. Unless you plan on distributing more than 10 thousand physical copies, in which case the Music Mass Reporduction license would be required.

Dear PurpleFog,
yes, that would be more or less, what I understood - but I was not sure. So I am
grateful for your explanations.
Thank you.