Newby question regarding license

Hi all,

Sorry for asking a question that is probably asked a 1000x times before … but I really would like to be sure.

I have already purchased a audio file from AudioJungle that I would like to use for a meditation “song”.
The music will not be altered, but I will add speech to it. So the music is mostly background. I would like to make this “project” available on soundcloud and I think it will be for free, I don’t need to make money out of it.

My questions:

  • does the standard license cover this use on SoundCloud?
  • is it possible to make “sure” that people will not use this commercially?
  • is it smart to make it available for free?
  • is it allowed to alter the song (make a loop in it) ?

I hope someone can answer this for me.



The standard license covers most web uses, including SoundCloud.
Your project needs to be bigger in scope than the music itself. Guided meditation is fine, but you need to have your voice over cover most of the music. It cannot be a couple words and then you let the music play for 3 minutes.

Your listeners have to be clear that they can’t reuse the music as is, as you cannot redistribute it.

There is no way for you to make sure people will not illegitimately use it (that’s why you need to make sure your voice over is the main part of your project under which the music plays. Most music is protected with ContentID these days anyway.

As for your making your end product available for free, as long as you are not making the music available for free, then it’s entirely your call, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

You can indeed edit the track to fit your project.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi @PurpleFog ,

Thank you for you’re very fast reply!
Are there any guidelines about how much of the music should be covered? Since there are voices that I will insert but they don’t cover the full audio file.

I think: intro 1 minute with only the music, then a short (3-7 seconds) voiceguide each 30 to 60 seconds and a outtro of 60 seconds with only the music.

The voices are embedded, so I will never distribute only the music. As for what I am trying to achieve: I think I’ve got a nice idea that can be interesting for a lot of people. So I want to spread that joy (for free) :wink:

Unfortunately there is no specifics in Envato’s terms.

Here is the part about your type of usage:

Can I use music in an audio-only end product such as a podcast, audiobook, or guided meditation?

Yes, as long as the audio-only end product is larger in scope and different in nature than the music itself. As a rule of thumb, the music alone must not comprise the primary value of the end product, and should have speech overlayed and interspersed throughout. You can never distribute the music track as-is or with superficial modifications.

Example: You can use a relaxing music background to underscore your guided meditation voiceover recordings, and sell a CD of this to your spa customers.

So, this is a matter of legal interpretation. As long as you can argue that “the music alone [does] not comprise the primary value of the end product”, then you should be fine.

In my opinion, having 60 second stretches of music alone is pushing it a bit, but you can argue otherwise.

Thx again @PurpleFog.

I have asked the creator just to be sure, don’t know how fast they will reply.

I think the music alone does not compromise the end product at all … since it really is about the message that people will receive during this session. Any music in the background would be okay.

So I think it is safe to put it online.

Very fast reply from the seller, I’ve got the “good to go” :wink:

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