Using Audio Jungle For Insight Timer / Meditations?

Hi! I am trying to figure out what I can and cannot do with the Audio Jungle Downloads. In some ways it seems that so long as I legitimately change the download (i.e. overlaying my voice and meditation) that is sufficient. But in reading other terms, I am concerned it falls under broadcasting. I will be sufficiently changing/altering the files purchased as the main element would be my voice, and I want to be sure this is OK prior to making a few purchases.

Thank you in advance for your guidance!

Hi @Iamliving!

I think that you should be fine, using a music track as the background and overlaying your own voice for a guided meditation - that particular usage is covered in the AudioJungle license FAQ here:

Can I use music in an audio-only end product such as a podcast, audiobook, or guided meditation?

Yes, as long as the audio-only end product is larger in scope and different in nature than the music itself. As a rule of thumb, the music alone must not comprise the primary value of the end product, and should have speech overlayed and interspersed throughout. You can never distribute the music track as-is or with superficial modifications.

Example: You can use a relaxing music background to underscore your guided meditation voiceover recordings, and sell a CD of this to your spa customers.

If you have specific details you need help with, the best people to give a definitive answer on licensing is our Customer Success team. You can open a support ticket with them here :slight_smile:

Hi Ben!

Yes I saw that but still don’t know which license to choose for posting it on Insight timer. Is the standard license good - do I use the 1 million broadcast or another? This is what I am trying to figure out. I know I can use the music - just want to figure out the right license for use on Insight Timer or YouTube :D. I also realize they might be different so want to be clear before I publish :smiley:

Thank you!
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Hi Rachel!

I’m not familiar with Insight Timer, but if it’s being used as a free-access distribution channel for the same content you’re posting on YouTube, a single Standard licence for each track should be fine - your End Product in that case is the guided meditation recording.

YouTube is considered “Streaming Web Video” under our license (you can see the distinction between Broadcast and Streaming Web Video covered here), so a Standard licence is fine for those applications.

Hi Ben!

Thank you - I do want to be absolutely sure re Insight Timer. I offered in the initial email that people can donate (money donated is split between Insight Timer to keep the platform running as there are not ads and the person who offered to meditation). Additionally one can also subscribe to get premium features (pausing and rewinding a meditation) or just because they choose to pay the premium, knowing that’s what helps others get access to the app for free.

It’s one of the larger meditation provider apps currently out there:

Please advise if the standard is still ok?

Many many thanks for your guidance and support!

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Hi Rachel,

Broadcast licenses only apply to TV and Radio broadcasting. The app you’re describing is akin to normal internet usage and would as such require the Standard license.

However, if the meditations are downloadable (and not merely streamable) and you expect more than 10 000 downloads, then the Music Mass Reproduction license may be required.

Hope it helps!


Hi there (Purple fog :D)

Thank you so much for that clarification. That does help. I did purchase the more expensive 1 million broadcasting to be safe. Is it possible to be refunded or get the credit on the two to use another time? What I might want is two uses for one: one for insight timer and another to send to organizations (which would be less than 10,000 dl).

Also, once I purchase is there something I need to do to say “how I am using it” or is a second purchase count as a second registration?

Many many thanks. I look forward to using envato’s offerings as there are quite a few more meditations to record and thus background music to source and DL :smiley:

Warm regards,

You can contact support and ask them to downgrade your license, I think they can do that for you. Of course, the author probably will be heartbroken when they see their higher sale get canceled, but since you plan on getting a second license that should cheer them up :wink:

There is nothing you need to declare regarding how you plan to use it. You just need to abide by the license terms.

The second license would allow you to use it in a new end-product that may be unrelated to your first use.

Happy music browsing and all the best for your next meditation recordings :slight_smile:

HI Purple Fog - Thank you for your help and feedback. I submitted a request and mentioned that a credit to repurchase those licenses wold be fine :D.

On a separate note and question - I am unclear as to the monthly subscription. If I pay the 16.50 which is advertised per month (in one payment) does that give me access to have all licenses? I dug around a bit but was unclear on what it actually covers.

Do I need that and then to purchase each individual license?

Thank you!!

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The subscription is for Elements. Not all Audiojungle music is available on Elements, only a tiny selection. Elements does not include broadcast usage which only Audiojungle’s Broadcast licenses cover.

Can’t say much more than that, as I’m not part of Elements and I see it as the nail in my own coffin.

The Support team should be able to help with your request :slight_smile:

Elements subscriptions are separate to AudioJungle:

  • Elements is a flat-fee subscription, which includes registering any number of licences (under the Elements License) for items within the Elements catalogue. It’s great for people who use a range of different item types (video, audio, graphics etc), or people who need a lot of standard licences.
  • AudioJungle has a much larger catalogue of items, with a range of different licences available (including broadcast). It’s great for one-off purchases and access to a huge range of tracks - there are currently ~670k music tracks on there.

Most Elements music items are also available on AudioJungle, but only a small portion of AudioJungle content is available in the Elements subscription.

Thank you for the clarification!! :smiley:

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