Music license for various meditations without image or video

A customer would like to use music in his mediation and sell it as audio files or as a CD.

Which license is required here?
Is there a license that covers both?

Can the customer use his company logo, or must the Envato / Audiojungle logo also be visible?

Is it necessary to provide information about the piece of music or the author?

In addition, he would like to embellish finished mediations with music at the end and offer them in an online media library.

The music cannot be redistributed by your customer. The music has to be part of something larger in scope, it alone must not comprise the primary value of the end product. For instance the CD cannot be “Music for Meditation” or something along those line.

If the terms are indeed respected regarding the point above, then the Music Standard license will be enough. If you plan on selling more than 10,000 copies (physical or downloadable), then you will need to get the Mass Reproduction license.

You are not required to use the Envato /Audiojungle logo. They do not own the music anyway, they’re merely a platform where the transaction takes place.

It is not necessary to credit the piece of music or its author, though it is always appreciated.

If the CD is published online, it cannot be registered with ContentID or any fingerprinting technology. This is very important. You customer will have to make sure to opt out of these options.

Regarding your last point, as long as the music itself is not made available, it should be fine.

Hope it helps

Thank you very much LilaFog,

It is not intended to publish the products with a ContentID or anything similar.

The music in the guided meditation is only used for a small part, at the end for about 1-2 minutes.

The meditations are then offered in an online store as a CD or download.

A paid online media library for meditations would also be offered.

Thank you for your support

From your description, it sounds like the intended use falls within what’s allowed in the terms indeed, and the Standard license will cover it.

All the best for your project!

Does this also count for the license of Envato Elements Royalty Free Music for 174€ without VAT?

Sorry if I’m being so picky.
I just want to be on the safe side.

Thank you very much

I’m not familiar with how Elements work exactly, but my understanding is that it’s similar to the Music Standard license on Audiojungle. You would have to ask their support, though.

Already written to three times.
No reply to date and my customer is waiting too!

A little annoying,

But thank you very much for your support

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