What is the wrong with my item?



I have recently got a hard rejection and I’m absolutely desperate. I don’t know where to start from here, because I don’t know why my item is bad.

I created a fully customizable psd file with smart object, which mean you can have as large images as you want in all kinds of colors.

There were groups and I suppose, my included help file was also understandable.

Here is a preview: http://workupload.com/file/wcEOfEff


Am I missing something, or is it a picture of some dust?


Yeah, it’s powder actually, at least this is how I named it.


possibly rejected for being too simple?


I wanted it to be a texture.


Yes, you can buy sandy textures and Photoshop comes with a lot of patterns, so l doubt that this is bringing enough to Envato’s table to make it worth their while to accept? :disappointed_relieved:

Best to study textures that got accepted and do something similar or better!

Good luck! :sunglasses: