My first item got hard rejection

Hey guys, I am curious as to how to ensure my next items don’t get rejected, heeelp!
I was uploading texture/pattern JPEGS, set of 10, combination of geometric patterns and flower patterns…here is example of 2 of them…
Does anyone has an idea what the issue is? I have actually sold those before in other places without an issue. Is it that Envato markets require the pack to have more unique items rather than known patterns? If it issue of format?(I saw some people actually selling .ai and .eps files instead of JPEG) or is it something else?
I appreciate any constructive feedback.
Thanks beforehand!


I know for sure I cannot help you, But can you help me. I don’t know how to use after effects and I have purchased a template. I need help with the edit / text only. can you help please. I will pay -

Im having a similar issue, i think is because i dont understand the format that i need to use to upload the images ti display the product.

what you need help with? email me

Sorry, I work with Illustrator and Photoshop, I haven’t really used Aftereffects.

I just need to figure out how to better my items enough so they don’t get rejected without me knowing why…If it was just the preview pictures, I would think they would give me soft rejection. If it’s hard rejection, it must be more reasons or a bigger reason.

If it is a hard reject then it usually means that there is so much wrong with the overall design that the review team cannot help you.

The flower one looked good, but the second one, is jarring and pretty basic. Not sure what the other designs look like, but obviously not up to Envato’s level.

I would put more effort into it, to increase your chances.

Good luck. :palm_tree:

Hi @TwoFlyy

Feel free to contact me via my profile page. I can do After Effects customization.