Please help for hard reject

Hey everyone, I got my hard reject after submitting the attached PSD files
Can you please help me understand what’s wrong with it ?

Thanks in advance

hi .well as for me , i have trouble to identify what is wrong … all this looks clean to me, even the typo part is rather harmonious and original in a general way …apart from the tagline of the “pizzatoro” one which looks hard to read i do not see much to say to be honest …

okey you say these but envato have been rejected my 7 item directly and hardly. How can i fix it and start to sell? can you tell me something about that? i have 7 item which have been rejected by you . What i am supposed to do? i didn’t put help file into my pack and my file don’t has bleeding guidelines. i can send you original working file if you wanna help me

hey buddy, i can understand your frustration, but i am not responsible lol just to remind u i am not a reviewer here , just a designer with much experience who tries to help other guys … as for the rest, u can rest assured , your problems are not related to technical issues, if people in teams were interested in your items and that u had failed to put all the things required among the submission, they would soft reject your item, tell u how to fix things so that u can get approved … but this is not what they did , so, basically , this means that they find something wrong about your style and / or items … i have personally never seen or heard about a hard rejection for technical matters … maybe things have changed and they do , i do not know but until now i have never witnessed such a thing … once again i am sorry for you not to have your creations accepted