My item with layer styles has been rejected. I need your feedback.

Hello, guys.

I got a hard reject and I can’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Perhaps it is not the most original, nevertheless I did not admit such technical flaws that are in the last accepted files of the same category. I will not give examples here, however, I am far from a beginner to understand that many files are really far from technical standards.

Maybe I really don’t understand something, please give your feedback!


Unfortunately I cannot find an article with specific technical requirements for layered PSD with layer styles. If it exists, I will be very grateful for the link.

Thanks to all!

hi indeed, i see a good deal of reasons for the item to be rejected indeed. First of all , this is only two styles that u have here which is basically reducing the commercial potential of your item or would force u to put the very minimum price, so that the item maybe not bee seen so much as “profitable”. After this is said, let’s face it also , there is a matter of style … in the first place there is already stuffs like this in the catalogue , no doubt about it , and to be more accurate again, to be honest what u have here looks rather outdated , too. Moreover, the presentation of your item does not help , pls consider using mockups and things like that so that what u have created is being valued and looks more impressive to the reviewer and then potential buyers> i think that this is not superfluous to remind u off the fact that the preview file is sort of an interface for u and the potential buyer to communicate , which means that, in your case, u must try to bring as impressive a thing as possible in order to be convincing and sell … what u have at this stage is simply not impressive , neither style wise, not as far as the presentation goes, so basically this is making it difficult for u to make it with something that is far from being new in addition …

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Hello, thank you for spend time for me.

First of all, I would like to disagree with your statement that the small quantity of items reduced the commercial potential — when choosing a product, no one looks at authorship, since they choose from what the search query provides. Also I do not understand how you can argue about the price of the item that I set. In addition, the reject refers to the technical requirements.

The image I have provided as an example is not a presentation, it is just a large image that will give an idea of the quality of the layer styles.

I am familiar with the catalog of Grphicriver and Envato Elements — the company I work for has a subscription at Envato Elements, and I regularly buy goods for my needs. For this reason, I am also very familiar with the technicalities of many of the styles in the library in order to assert that my style matches the specifications of existing items.

Of course, there are trends in design, but there are certain things that are needed in some cases. I created these styles as needed for my work, precisely because I did not find suitable ones in the Graphicriver library, so at least they were useful to me.

I am not upset by the fact that my item was not accepted, but I am upset by the reviewers selective approach.

Hennadii Piddubnyi

well, of course, if u do not like it, u are not supposed to follow my suggestions (what u are right about is that , yes, indeed, only the reviewer knows exactly what is the actual reason for the rejection) based on a 17 year long experience as a designer … after all, this is u who had the rejection and if u feel like u did pretty well all the way , then good luck, u will have new rejections next time, period … coming here and being not opened minded at all to listen what other people have to say is your right, but if u ask me, this is not worth the drive coming to ask if u feel like there is no reason for the rejection in the end anyways … u can tell me whatever u like and justify the way u want, i will tell u the ugly truth, out of honesty. Indeed, if u ask me, people will not come and buy two isolated text styles, especially when they look very old in terms of style and that the result is far from impressive visually. I will even add something indeed, i am already very surprised that u cannot see anything like this is the thousands of bundles in GR or elements but what i can assure u is that u can get this type of item for free from deviantart (and that’s for sure so that the thing i mentioned about the commercial potential is more tan true). To end up, i will say that i see from your portfolio very good illustrations and all i can say is well done , this is good work, no doubt, but i see no text style at all and all i can tell is that i am not wandering why … now that this is said good luck for your next submissions

Please don’t be offended by my previous answer. I have read everything that you have written, and there is nothing specific there, except for your impressions. As someone with 17 years of experience in design, you just might understand that finding the right one is not at all easy. I don’t know why you are so surprised.

As you may have noticed, I have not uploaded anything to Graphicriver for over two years and now I think I will hardly return at all. I have a lot of text styles that I have created during my work. And seeing as a buyer what is selling, I thought, why not add my own items.

I received a reject for non-compliance with technical requirements and thought, maybe, someone will tell me something about this. That’s all. I was not going to argue about whether it is a masterpiece or not. After all, Graphicriver is just a library of ordinary templates, I have never looked on it atotherwise.

Hennadii Piddubnyi

lol yeah impressions as u mention lol u can rest assured , if so, then, u have no business to ask anything here as no one will ever provide u with anything else but “impressions”, this is 100% guarantied , since no one knows for sure what is the real motivation for the reviewer to reject the item (despite we may have some ideas) … u are coming here , u ask things, people dedicate some time to answer and try to help and u basically look down at people and disconsider what they are saying and u would like them “not to be offended” lol i assume that u can understand how paradoxical it looks like from outside … besides , to further comment what u mentioned , no this is not hard to find, the kind of thing that u have to offer here , u find tons of it for free in deviantart as i previously evoked … this is why i am “surprised”. I can also tell u , indeed, no matter what u are thinking (and i identify that u think that u are right in many ways), layer styles are very little demanded and lots of them are rejected as of now, as basically all has been done at this stage. Only a few main players here keep on having something that is a bit new and that can go through. If u have a lot of styles, then post them everywhere anyway if u cannot make it here … there are many places where such things can be accepted and without quality control … so that u can sell your stuff to the world through bundle or single purchases , depending on your willing. Here the thing did not make it and unless the quality of what u have left to upload is waaaaaay better i friendly advice u not to post them unless u end up having less than 35 % of approval or less than 10% and that u put yourself into trouble. Now, once again, u can do whatever u feel like doing and make your own decisions, this just a piece of advice , or an “impression” i might add. lol rejection for non compliance? lol how do u know, normally hard rejection messages are pre-made messages evolving no reason actually … and if u know that u did no comply with something why coming here to ask, i do not get it …

Well, @envato_help advised me to seek input from the author community in Envato forum.

I had my doubts that it would do nothing. But what did I expect, you ask? — In any case, not so many reproaches for the fact that I am supposedly looking down on someone. You reacted extremely violently to my answer and I asked you not to be offended. I thanked you for your time, what more gratitude or appreciation do you want? The fact that you answer in each thread does not mean that you are somehow helping.

Hennadii Piddubnyi

LOOOOOOOOOL really funny to say the least. Extremely violently?! lol if u are misleading between ironical and violent, my bad, this is sad … besides, well, i have news for u, u should better be away from here, if u feel so because, right from simply answering , i am by far the softest of the people who usually answer and help people here (i am not even referring that u come here being sure that u do everything perfectly and indeed there are indeed no reasons why your item was rejected … and that basically it was unfair or due to “technical issues” as if technical issues were the cause of rejections, which does not exist apart in one case, the case of unclosed paths lol) .

This is is not difficult to tell something and do the other way around, just like u did. This is in particular not difficult to be very offensive just like u were - and gamely i might add - and to tell “pls do not be offended” disregarding people, their experience and willing to help, just like u did. Anyway, i wish u good luck, my communication with u stops here, have a nice day

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Your text style looks blurry and it has lack of finesse. The horizontal gradient doesn’t follow the letter’s shapes.

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Hello, thanks for reply. Сould you please explain in more detail what you mean when you say that “the horizontal gradient doesn’t follow the letter’s shapes”? In the sense that this type of gradient is not suitable, or that it is not built correctly?