My Item has been rejected

this text styles has been rejected, and I’m not permitted to resubmit, seems strange cuz I made similar designs before and they had been approved for sale, and I see that some new items on the market are not very creative, however they are approved for sale, do you have any idea ?

hi, I think that the number one reason might be that if u submit only one style , the item is very unlikely to make it , as for I could understand. The other thing is that , sorry to say just this, but your item and effect is not being super valued in such a preview where there is very little contrast between the main element and the background …

Hi, thank you so much for your reply, for the first reason you mentionned, you can see that most of new items on this category are composed of just one single text style, that’s why I tried to do the same, for the second reason, I think you’re right, mabe the design quality I made is not that good to be approved for sale, thank you again