All items rejected, look for a feedback from community

I have uploaded 5 of my hi-res textures to GraphicRiver and all got hard rejected with same note:
“After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘***’ isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on GraphicRiver. As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.”

I have thoroughly checked all the quality guides before uploading and I do not see how my files can be “too far off the standards”. Actually those are Canon 5DS images scaled down from 51 MP to 5120 px at longer side, perfectly sharp and balanced. Some older ones are great sellers at other stock agencies.
Are Envato standards far above the industry leading agencies? I do not think so. But truly I do not see any reason for rejection and surely nothing is explained in auto-reply by Envato. So will be grateful for community feedback to understand if it makes sense to waste my time to upload other content here or result will always be the same without any specific explanation by reviewers.

The previres of the files are below:

Thanks for your feed-back, folks,

The textures look good. They might have rejected them because they think the marketplace is already saturated with the types of textures you submitted. The reviewing is weird sometimes. I just had a texture pack soft rejected because my previews weren’t formatted correctly so they asked me to resubmit them with the corrections. When I did that the exact same pack got rejected the second time for quality. Makes no sense.


Thank you very much for your feedback!
Yes, I can accept the reason that they may have enough (yet I saw most of older ines have really small resolution). But in this case I would expect from Envato to provide a clear feed-back on rejected items. Because I really take it badly, almost as insult when they claim in auto-reply that those images are too far off the standards".
Anyway thanks for the feedbck and sharing your experience either.

If your items got rejected due to market saturation they have got a different auto reply mentioning that they have too much of them. Same thing is happening here to me now

Thanks for the update!
For me Envato is total disappointment so I do not try more. Having same portfolio for all agencies other agencies used to sell hundreds times more, so I quit my efforts to build any business at Envato especially without clear understanding of their quality standards and review process which are not transparent at all.

Couldn’t agree more friend. I am stuck with this as I do not know any better agencies to promote my videos and photos. I am also wondering why they play GOD with us and do what ever they like. They never give even a slight hint on why they reject our items. We all are trying to improve and grow. This is like trial and error

I can not agree more