envato selective standards!

evanto rejected my item because "it isn't at the quality standard". Here is my item that was rejected:

And have a look on this item listed on Graphicriver. It belong to the same category and "meets evanto quality standard"!!


I can't believe it!

Because your item is simple and not pro.

I would agree with you if that low quality pattern was not listed on Graphicriver. In fact Graphicriver is full of low quality content such as that pattern and that's why i said "envato selective standards". If simplicity was the reason then the fallowing item shouldn't be on Graphicriver

item link ![image](upload://glbdl28p7wNbMvh3iqVflSueR25.jpg)

First of all - do not compare simple (clip art look like) to something more advanced (this sketch science elements).

And do not look at simple items - look at pro items with hundreds of sales and try to achieve same or better level (I would say try to do better than the best you can find).

Are you earning money now? Are you earning by making threads like this? NO. So you got item rejected and now you are wasting your time instead of making a great approvable item.

I don’t want to be malignant but come on … :wink:

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I respect your opinion. However I need a clear reason other than “it isn’t at the quality standard” . What if I made a new item and they reject it for the same unclear reason?

Comparing to other items is never a good idea (there will always be ‘worse’ items especially in a subjective marketplace).

Comparing to items which are either 2 or even 4 years old is even less productive - standards and expectation changes.


I am not telling to copy item. Anyway, bad items won’t sell in hundreds even after 5 years and see examples like this every day searching market.

But there are quite good items sold in 1k + after 2 - 3 years - and believe I am watching items like this today - 3 + years after they were created and they are still good items are still selling well.

And the last thing -> every designer is looking for inspiration and this is the point to get inspired and make something better, modern but with this soul. You can’t tell me that every designer should make totally new and never seen before item because it is almost impossible.

got my point? :slight_smile: Not copy but get inspired by well-selling items and transform such idea for nowadays. If there is 3 years old item with 2500 sales and in the same category is a 3 years old item with 40 sales what is that mean? :slight_smile: (and I always check if the item had special advertising ) It is simple, it is good, this item got attention, sold well (I am talking about my home which is graphicriver where more than 1k sales in 2 - 3 years is good score).

I had to explain otherwise I couldn’t sleep hehe

My advice is for you to learn from failure. Try to find a way to be competitive in a healthy way.

Food for thought:
The grass is always greener on the other side.

You say someone else has an inferior item approved. I say, whatever you have, someone else has a better version of it.

The only way to get something done here at Envato is to start comparing yourself to yourself. Do whatever is necessary to make you unique, but please don’t be envious of what others have accomplished. It is the perfect trap to complain and do nothing…

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You know what I do? I have a special folder named “Reupload - hard rejected” - this folder stays empty 99% of the time but if hard rejection happens my work goes there and in next few weeks I am going back to this item and I am changing it 180 degrees trying to improve etc.

Believe me, with a folder like this any rejection is not a horror :slight_smile: your work and time is not wasted, this work just need to wait for improve :slight_smile:

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