What is the : "Handling Fee" when i want to buy a theme?

What is the : “Handling Fee” when i want to buy a theme?

There’s more info here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204160060-Your-Documents-FAQ-Glossary-of-Terms - it’s basically an admin charge which other marketplaces just bump into the overall item price. Envato actually remove it for purchases of a certain level and choose to disclose it.

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But i only pay that “Handling Fee” one time, correct?

Per purchase - so if you buy 5 items in one go you only pay the handling fee once.

If you then come back next week and buy more items then there would be another charge.

Yeah i got that. What im asking is if the handling fee is a monthly pay for the item.

I am not sure about Envato elements subscriptions but for purchases from the main marketplaces it is a one off charge

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As charlie4282 said you pay a handling fee either per item, or per items total paid.

Handling fees are charged as follows;

If your order is less than $10 the handling fee is $1
If your order is between $10 - $75 the handling fee is $2
If your order is above $75 there is no handling fee

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