That's $2 tax plus almost $18 tax.

What the hell, I tried to buy a template. already bought many. That’s $2 tax plus almost $18 tax. . A template that was too expensive becomes even more expensive. How is this possible???

The $2 is a handling fee that is almost certainly charged on other marketplaces and explained in more detail here.

Envato have no control over local tax rates, again as would be the case on any marketplace.


Are you sure? I thought this was one of Envato’s quirk. I never encountered such handling fees anywhere else.

Actually, one of the biggest competitors calls it a “Platform Fee” ( C ), another one calls it a “Processing Fee”( T ), Envato calls it a “Handling Fee”. Every major marketplace has, in one shape or another a tax like this.

Everyone does it! So, it’s not a quirk. Most likely @charlie4282 has much more experience in this area since he’s purchased more than 500 items on Envato alone! :blush:


As far as I understood it - envato are fairly transparent about the different elements of the cost e.g. author and buyer fees and subsequent handling charges.

Many other marketplaces (of course not all) often just compile things into one number, which includes the same ‘processing’, ‘handling’, ‘admin’ (depends on the marketplace) fees


FYI @Enabled - worryingly it’s thousands of items now!

Who’s kids really need private education anyway?! They can just learn to hack, code, design using all the items we buy!


Cheers to thousands more mate! :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2: - teach those kids the trait, haha!

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Fair enough, wasn’t aware of that. To me this model makes no sense as it is aggravating customers, I didn’t know this was done elsewhere as well.

It’s common place mate, these are operating costs. More and more countries are pushing for “full transparency” so they’ll start showing everywhere. Envato was way ahead of the curve on this step. Others have merged them in their “30% - 50%” so called “fee”, but now those need to be split up and explained step by step. Taxes… we all “love them”

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A fee is not a tax. Fees are at the discretion of Envato.

Shouldn’t “Handling” be covered by the buyer’s fee, as it falls under its description? Now, I’m all for transparency, but how transparent is the buyer’s fee that doesn’t include handling.

I agree there is a terminology issue eg charges, costs, taxes, fees

However (FYI it is great that you are bringing specifics and ideas rather than just criticism), let’s say it should be part of the “buyer fee”……

  • from a business perspective I imagine there is interest in identifying charges to buyers .v. owned transaction or admin costs to payment gateways etc. as these are very different things.

  • embedding it is precisely the lack of transparency that envato is probably trying to minimise, and even if they did, it would still be paid by/a cost to the same person, so it would not reduce the confusion or frustration

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