Buy a Tmeplate from Envato Market on your website

Hello, everyone,
I wanted to order a temple on your website (Envato Market) that cost $ 15. Now I have put it in the shopping cart and unfortunately had to find out that the template suddenly cost US $ 17.85. Ok, I agreed with that, but now I also had to find out that if I want to pay with PayPal, the template and its processing fee suddenly cost US $ 20.23.
Sorry that is very deceitful that you offer it for $ 15 and then it gets more expensive from rider to rider. Conclusion: I will not buy the tamplate from you because I do not agree that I have to pay your PayPal fees.
For US $ 17.85 it would have been ok for me, but I found it very bold to reimburse the PayPal fees from the brazen.

There are fees and taxes when you buy stuff it’s a normal thing. Buying a template $20 is a good price. So there’s no point complaining about that. Every other marketplace will charge you with fees.


Yes, I agree with you if you pay the VAT or a processing fee. But there is no shop that I know of that you also have to pay the Paypal fees. Only in this and when the amount is 0.35 cents and not directly $ 2. Aside from that. According to PayPal it says: “In principle, every seller has to pay fees who want to offer his customers PayPal as a payment option for the goods and services offered by him”

I think the difference in price is due to the double conversion from Euros to US Dollars on the PayPal side.

Paypal makes secure to your transaction. This is a good more to payment transfer.

If the extra charge is a PayPal fee then how could envato apply this on the site?

Would this not change based on payment gateway, individual customer location, personal/business situation…

Surely it’s not something that can be pre-determined on the marketplace?

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