No trustworthy payment method? Just wanted to buy a theme, but... no thanks. Never thought this could exist in 2016!

you guys obviously earn too much money already… I will look for another place to buy my theme!

…and i will tell you why i am so pissed: because i made the decision to start my blog and it took me 5 days to find a theme i like and then you offer only 2 shady options for payment?
i still cant believe it…

by the way i found a 3 year old discussion on your old board where one of your people said you know about this issue and are looking for alternatives. 3 years ago!!!

i d be happy to earn just the money you lose by this…

additionally i have to pay 60usd for something that costs 52,80. why? because that is the minimum amount. haha… you guys are funny!


I think you’re confused. First off, this is a public forum - we are normal users just like you. If you have feedback or need help then you should contact Envato support.

Second, if you add the item to your cart and then checkout from shopping cart, you can pay $54.80 instead of $60 (there’s a $2 handling fee). Credit card or paypal. What you’re trying to do is add funds to your account, rather than check out the item.

Hi herbert,

first of all: thanks for your constructive reply to my rant.

as far as i saw there is NO way to directly pay by credit card. also i need to add funds to my account first to be able to pay. the minimum amount that can be added is obviously 60usd so more than i need. thats what i think is unfair too.

Sorry, from what you’re saying it seems like there may be some sort of first-time payment restriction. I’d suggest contacting support to clear things up.

For me, I click on the shopping cart icon, and there’s three payment options: Credit card, PayPal, and Envato credit.

When you are in the checkout page there will be your personal info and below that TWO tabs:

  1. PayPal + $2 handling fee

  2. Envato Credit

Most likely it is defaulting on option 2 which is why you are being made to add credit.

Click on the PayPal logo on the left hand side and it will change to the direct payment + $2 handling then assuming your file costs $52.80 you can buy it for $54.80 (tax dependent) rather than needing to deposit $60.

For certain countries and new accounts I believe the payments options may vary in order to prevent certain types of common fraud activities.

Please open a support ticket and someone will be able to assist better…

$60 for a WordPress theme (even if it’s listed at slightly less) is still a wonderful price. Best of luck with the project.