i cant purchase any items on themeforest

i try to use paypal but wont let me use my bank, i do not want to use my paypal funds.

i go to buy envato credit and see that its a total scam, since you can only buy certain amounts, so if my bill is 48, i can only buy 50, where my 2.00 is stolen if not used…or in this case i need 64 dollars to buy a theme and support for a year but can only buy 70 dollars so 6 dollars will be stolen from me.

any ideas how to avoid these scenarios? i just need the theme i want and its annoying having to deal with scammy bs

didnt think so…moving on

You don’t have to purchase credit - you can buy the file directly which will incur $2 surcharge.

Even if you pay $70 you don’t lose the $6 - it could be used on another file or item.

Envato help tries to explain the process here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202500304-Why-is-there-a-minimum-20-deposit-on-Envato-Markets-