I pay for a theme and is NOT in the download page, help!!!!

I buy this theme yesterday and envato charge twice the price (I see the statements of my creditcard/bank) yes twice 2x$19! $38 total, but the worst thing is that I can’t download the theme! yes! there’s no theme for download in the download section! Seriously something happens with paypal and envato; I write a ticket envato support since yesterday wit NO response, anybody can help me? I need download this theme! today.

I write to support yesterday and no response at all!



Login your Envato account and check Download Tab still have any question.

You can check also your Envato Item Purchase Statement

Open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer


I already do that!!! of course!!! and there’s NO theme to download it.
Also already put a ticket with NO response: ticket #

Also I sent the paypal transaction ID.

Okay then no worry about it wait for their reply they will give you reply to maintain with their ticket queue.
I hope they will reply to you soon keep patience until that.

Patience? almost 15 hours and not a single response!
Seriously I already pay for a theme and there’s now way to download it, is the 1st time that this happens to me.
I really need download that theme to work right now!

I should buy the theme again?? and you refund my money of the 1st purchase??

No no need to buy again.
I told you no worry about that. Also Envato have no live support wait for 48 to 72 Hour they can took time cause its a biggest marketplace hundred or thousand people are opening ticket every day they will reply one by one

what a nightmare!!! my boss is over me waiting…
I need the theme right now!!! I wait over 15 hours for a response.

I don’t have problems to buy it again and request a refund of the 1st purchase.
please understand that I can’t wait more time!!! 48 to 72 hours is insane!
I repeat, some bug… between paypal and your system but there’s no way to download the theme.

@KingDog can you give a reply at here ?

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reply? with what, paypal transaction? or?

I Have Call A Envato Team Member At Here

thank you!!! I really appreciate it.
Paypal Transaction ID:

Please do not need to share personal information public place(at here)


At this point, I lost my hope on the envato customer service. I just need download for what I pay, is a lot to ask???

I’m going to buy the theme AGAIN to see if this time the theme appear on my downloads and request a refund on Paypal for the 1st Transaction.

A moderator as a volunteer at forum we can guide you where you will get solution but we can’t solved out everything. specially official issue! Its Envato Customer/Support Team Issue it is their responsibility.Only can help you out from your issue.

Hope you understand :slight_smile:

You can understand my frustration, I pay for a theme 15 hours ago and still can’t download, also envato charge twice!!

I call my bank and they agree that there’s two payments for the the same item. Possibly they refund me one.

But again, I still can’t download the theme that I really need right now!

Let me ask you, there’s is a problem if I buy the theme again??? and request a refund for the 1st transaction?

I think that is possible if you are right in your position then Envato Support Team Must Help You.
When they reply to you share details with them i Hope they will take care about that