Can't buy a theme?

Hi there,

I just bought a theme (avas) but it doesn’t appear in my purchases. I bought it via Paypal and when I clicked on “pay” I was redirected to the site without any confirmation. Is that normal?

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Hello @Mykaras

Thanks for purchase from envato market, you can check your email, you got invoice?

You can check download area, item available for download?

If your purchased item is not there, you can open ticket

Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.


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Hello @anon76595093,

that’s weird, I have not received an invoice and nothing appears in the download section…
I tried to buy the theme again but I have the same problem.

All I have to do now is contact the support… Sorry for the useless topic then and thank you for your answer

Hello @Mykaras

don’t Worry if item is not there you will get refund

Thanks :slight_smile:


Check here your download file

if you didn’t find out open a envato help ticket

They would like to assist you


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