I pay for a theme and is NOT in the download page, help!!!!

I can’t wait anymore!
So, I’m going to buy it AGAIN and request my refund from Paypal from the 1st purchase.

I buy it again, this time WORKS! (the theme NOW appear to be download it) so I need my refund for my first purchase.

Do not do this - your account will be instantly locked. There is an official process for requesting a refund - doing it over PayPal is not a refund, it’s a chargeback and triggers an account lock.

Open a refund request at https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new and ask the author to refund one of the licenses - mention that you bought two.

Also, I am not certain on this, but I have a feeling the refund may go to account credit rather than back to your PayPal. If that happens, then once the refund is approved open a new ticket with the Help team asking them to refund the credit to PayPal.


I open a request/refund to: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Refund on my account? NO THANK YOU!!! I NEED MY MONEY BACK, due envato FORCE ME to buy the theme 2 times, due NOT appear on my download page!!! I don’t want envato stolen me $19, is not my fault, is evanto fault.

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As I said I am not 100% certain, but if it does refund to account credit then definitely open a Help ticket and I guarantee they will return the funds to your PayPal account.

Yes I want my money back, when this things happens envato try to keep money and gives on “credit” that is NOT a honest move. Like I say, is not my fault, I buy the theme and not appear on my download page.

I wait for an official response.

Thank You.

Also sorry for sound frustrated and mad, but at this point there’s $57 charged on my card! for just 1 template of $19!


please don’t worry as you will see in the open ticket form has a option for duplicate purchase:

So, you will get solution and will refund for your duplicate purchase. Just please keep patience till you will receive Envato Support reply.