What is the different ?

Why one of them is approved and the other one ,Square shape, is rejeceted? Whats problem with this?

There are too similar and they approved just only one.

but why others one rejected by quality? quality means?

  1. It’s a generic cause for rejection. Not detailed feedback about specific quality standards

  2. As @DesignSomething said - you can’t submit something so close to existing items

  3. You have no items in your portfolio - so if you submit designs that are identical to existing items then it looks like you are ripping off other authors which is a very fast way to being banned

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hi well indeed, what is the point of copying other people’s stuffs? I do not get it, except maybe if u wanna get into trouble , of course … I am also sorry but what u have here looks like a lower quality copy of the original item. Of course this is already more likely to be less interesting because this is a copy in the first place and then, there are other issues … the harmony of colors is better in the original one, the small thing that u did to make the thing different make it less interesting, as alternating colors … the shape in which the main title is being written is also far more interesting and looking more worked out than the very simpleton that u have. I think that this is not superfluous to tell u also that this is looking rather legitimate that an item does not make it the very similar and coming afterwards insect a context of a saturated marketplace, I do not think that this is so very difficult to understand indeed. I may also add that the choice of the picture made in the original work is much better , much more harmonious and same goes with the choice of black and white. in addition, the bullets under your icons look black in the fires place and thus look disconnected at the first glance

Thanks a lot ! Im learning with you

happy to read this, good luck for next submissions and if u have enough clues u can check the solution box , have a nice day :slight_smile:

Do not want to make fast money by copy others work but be proud of creating your own style. My flyers are very unique but my last sale is 14 days ago. I dont care. I have lots of fun by beeing creative and soon people will find me and other authors with great work. :wink:

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if your sales are not that good my friend , this is because u seem to focus on Halloween at this stage, u need to diversity themes so that “sales can keep rolling” while u create other things. I assume that halloween sales will come rather shortly now but this is still a bit early, especially in this case when the pandemic is far from being over …

did you copy another author’s design? lol