Please explain in more detail the reason for the rejections

For the second time received a refusal. Who knows, please give a more detailed rejection due to refusal.
The reason for this was: unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

hi for me this is clean but honestly they all use the same fonts and combinations, they all have the same disposition, they all seem to have a an issue of spacing between the top edge and the following text which differs from the space between the lower margin and the first text …and finally if this is tastefully done indeed there is not much graphic design inside what u have done

Thanks for the answer. As for me, this should not affect. Yes, the compositions are the same, but the elements are different (well, one of the two should have been accepted). A design does not always have to be much …

However, thanks for the time. For me, failures are often not entirely clear and objective (((

LOL u maybe be right … but think about it … if u have not much difference in terms of style in what u have done personally from one item to the other , then try to think about what it looks like when it comes to existing items … this is simple … there will be a looooooot of things having basically a looooooot in common with what u have done …
i am also sorry but there has to be a reason why the thing was hard rejected … besides let me give u a clue, after i had a hard rejection that looked really incredible in my view , i contacted help center and finally had a reviewer to comment … and let me tell u what i have been told “your badge was hard rejected since u have two other badges and this is using the same disposition” … now u can do whatever u like with what i have told you … up to u to follow or not … however if u are not open-minded to suggestions i guess it will be hard for u not to have new rejections again … i know what i am talking about for this issue, as a loooooot of guys turn out to come out to ask why , they are told and keep doing the same mistake over and over and over again and return here with the same type of item and ask again why it did not make it …


I will take into account all your comments and draw conclusions. Some of the works I can understand why they did not accept, but refusals to others are sometimes not to be described)

Thanks again

do not bother with others … this is a waste of time and u cannot di anything about it … u have to deal with yourself this is all that matters , bringing changes that i told u will take u to the next level , this is all that matters … if u feel like i offered solutions enough u can check the “solution” box, thanks

thanks buddy, i hope u can use my information to have next items accepted … :slight_smile: