Rejection. Question about submission rules.

Hello everyone!

My logo was rejected. The standard answer from Envato contains the following phrase:
"you won’t be able to re-submit this item again".

My question is: When is a logo already considered different? I edited the logo in many aspects: composition, details, font, colors (see picture: before and after).

Can the edited version of the logo be considered “different”? Can I submit this new version again?

Thank you very much!


It doesn’t look like a logo. It looks like several combined vector icons. The logo should be concise, and you have a lot of elements that do not carry any meaning. There is no any idea. Just a primitive graphic drawing :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the criticism, but … my question is not about that :upside_down_face:

I do not ask “why is it rejected?”. I ask: “can I submit an edited version” without breaking the rules?

I mean not only this particular logo, but everyone else in the future.

Sorry, I have not read your text.
I don’t think that it will be a violation if you submit the new logo. But what’s the point? The problem is that the mistakes that I indicated are in the first and second versions. The second logo will be rejected for the same reasons as the first one.

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The point is that I have seen many approved logos with the same “mistakes”. The logos with many “iconic” elements that may look without an idea from the first sight. But…
In my humble experience, a logo is evaluated not by a commission of professional designers but by a client. This is a subjective assessment, and the client can use the logo for various purposes, and he/she can change the logo to suit his needs.

Therefore, I always see the point. The most important thing for me in this context is not to break the rules. And it’s all :ok_hand:

Many thanks for your help!

It’s my opinion. Listen or not is your choice

he followed some of the things that i pointed but not all and i think his question was legitimate as hard to identify , sometimes, in my view, if the changes are subsequent enough to b able to resubmit