What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

10,5 days for Punk Rock

Also 10 days

13,5 days. I’m still waiting. Christmas Pack.

I wonder if people upload this week for a release during the holidays? :evergreen_tree::sparkles::grinning:

11+ still in queue for pack

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About a 11 days ! Christmas track approved ! Thank you! =)))) Best wishes, MotionAudio ! :blush:

10 days for logo ident apporved , +12 days for a pack still in queue

Can we agree that this thread is only for people who have FINISHED the review process? No “still waiting” posts, as these are not helpful to determining the precise length of the review queue.


Absolutely right, MattyFrench.

10 + Days For My Christmas track.

10+ days for positive track! approved =)

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13 days for music pack

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11 days for track.

11,5 for a rock track !

Almost 11 days for logo / ident

11,5 days.
Looks like the search engine just ignored my new package. Can’t find it anywhere.

Me neither :neutral_face:

11,5 day for my Trailer. Approved. Looks like they changed something in the search engine. My corporate track was 3rd or 4th in the search, now I see it on 4th page :frowning:
Here is the topic - Search Algorithm Update

11 days for Logos & Idents Pack! approved =)

11.5 days last track