9 days and still no reviewed ?


Hey guys! How are you doing?
I have 5 song for submission. one i uploaded 9 days ago, the other 7 days ago, other 5 days ago, and two more 2 days ago, still waiting! Could be something wrong and maybe i have to summit them again?
Thanks for advanced


Nothing is wrong; it is the exact review queue time. Do not delete and resubmit your items, wait until the review will be done.


Ohhhhhhh, wowwwwwww !!! Thank you so much Titan Slayer. I really appreciate your help!!!


No problem, glad I can help. :slight_smile:


@ImagicDream you can follow the estimation of time review here :


Keep it up :slight_smile:



Thank you so much AudioPuppet !


You should not really worry. I am sure your songs will be reviewed! :blush: I was in the same situation but finally everything was alright


Thank you so much Amazingjim ! I’ll wait :blush:


Don´t worry about it, 9 days is not too much.
I still remember when the queued was 33 days.


Oh really? 33 days !!! Thank you so much Manriquedelara :smiley:


Hello! I also loaded tracks 9 days ago and did not review them yet I hope that there will be check, I worry, I on your website recently, administration if to you it is not heavy check please, thanks, peace!