What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

11-12 days for christmas track, and approved. :slight_smile:

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Yieha! 10.5 days for these new 4 songs!
2 Still in the que (7 days)

1 song named ‘Archers’ got rejected but it was because the .WAV was incomplete so I will just need to edit that.

  • Update: Did the edit and it was approved within 5 minutes!

When you upload more songs at the same time only one of them gets front page exposure among ‘new items’; You better upload four songs on four successive days.


10 days on music less on sfx

I found that out the hard way!

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11,5 days for Dramatic category

Thanks for the info!
I try to upload in different genres, when I upload a bunch of tracks on the same day. Is this still a bad idea? :grinning:

It’s never really a bad idea to expand your portfolio. But what MetroMusic was talking about is front page exposure. If you spread them out evenly, one upload per day for say seven days in a row, you will be visible on the front page (at least for a short while every day) for seven days in a row (depending on review time) and there for increasing your chances of being found by buyers. If you upload all on the same day and all the tracks gets approved on the same day, only the latest approved track will be visible on the front page for a short time during the approval day. Hence, less front page exposure.

Oops, became a bit long.

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Gotcha, thanks for the info and taking the time to type it all out! :grinning:

No problem. These days there’s such a large amount of tracks being approved that none of us gets much front page exposure anyway. Sometimes it only takes the blink of an eye and your gone from the front page. But hey, it’s better than no exposure at all.


A bit longer than 11 days. Corporate approved!

For me it’s always about 11 days long. Last month or even more…

For me its always on Sunday morning…

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For me it’s always groundhog day.

Haha, just kidding. But I read your post as it’s always Sunday, which sounded kinda nice. But then I got that you ment that your tracks gets approved on Sundays.

10 days 5 hours.

More than 10 days, maybe near 11

10 days, 8 hours

10,5 days for technology track, approved! :smile:

10 days, maybe a little more.

10,5 for latest submission