What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

Yep! The queue went on 11 days+
I guess many Christmas songs have been added!

same here, my new item doesn’t appear in the search

11 days for 2 Logos and motivating pack! approved =) Thanks!

Mine is appearing but 12 hours later.

Appeared a day later (music pack).

11 days as predicted here - http://quality.market.envato.com/audiojungle - this was on my first upload that has been up for a few days

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11 days for the last upload

11.5 days for an individual logo, just got approved. It seems like they fixed the search algorithm because my item is showing up.

11 days for Corporate track! approved :slight_smile:

10 days, 18 hours

11,5 days for new Corporate Piano Logo. Approved.

11,5 days for new Quiz Show tracks.Approved

11 days for logo and my last items approved of this year, and it’s 24th december … #Facepalm

11-11,5 days

about 11,5 days…and then rejected…merry christmas! :confused:

11 days for track and for pack. It seems pack review time now equal to track review time. Good sign.

11,5 days for trailer. 13 for pack =)

11-12 days for some logos

11,5 days :joy:

11+ days…this is not what you promised Envato :confused: