Search Algorithm Update

I thought this move was intended to allow us more creativity when it comes to item titles. Until a single word search is NOT dominated by single word titles consisting of the exact search term, it will not be an actual improvement.


Just please don’t discard the advantages of previous changes, all people want is just a less title-centered search, not the first page filled with top files :grinning:


Community it’s mean “equal opportunities” for all of us. Now top-authors get their old tracks in top position, Fair-play? Community ? I think now i’ll get 2-3 sales per week with new search algorithm or nothing. Last search algorithm was great and fair for all. Now I don’t think so. It’s a bad idea to do something better for someone and at the same time, the worse for others. One big step for high rating-authors and deadly stop for others.
PS I’m sorry if my words seem harsh it’s not my native language. :wink:


Authors have to know in advance about any changes in the search engine.
It affects their strategy.
“In advance” - I mean at least 1 year, ideally.

Top authors celebrating victory?
Now the search produces only top tracks, even if they are created two or three years ago :frowning:
It does not allow young authors to sell their tracks!


of course it’s very good! it’s great! but … only for top authors …


As I remember previous discussion was started and very much supported by elite authors who already has hundreds of sales per month and thousands per track. How great we can please top authors with the new search algorithm and put back all the new authors and their fresh tracks… Really strange…


Stop complaining, at least our “voices” got heard, and they are changing it, she did not say that this change will be the final.


It is true that when you search on the first line will be the top tracks of famous artists? So as to be novice writers? In my opinion, it’s just not fair. Top authors and earn good money, with absolutely not want to create new songs! While new authors are working hard to somehow compete with the top authors. I beg you, don’t let this happen!


Absolutely agree!!!

Some new tracks would be good in the “start mix” to let the industry evolve.

I would like to say thank you for the existence of the platform envato. It allows people to earn a living, doing your favorite job. This is true happiness! Remember, please, that for many audiojungle - basic earnings. Including for many aspiring authors. For us it is a hope for a better future. Therefore, there is a moral responsibility for what happens with us. I hope you make the right decision!


On the first page of search there is items with 1000s of sales only, and all of these STILL CALLED inspiration, corporate, whatever.

No chance to new authors anymore…

But lot of inspiration, now with thousands sales)))


Explain. Now new search shows on the first page tracks with lots of sales?


Sorry for my English.
What I see now:
New tracks are lowered, giving way to the old, with lots of sales. Yes, it will bring more money to the rich sellers, but would deprive the motivation to write new music all the authors. This recalls not a free market economy. This is reminiscent of a monopoly in North Korea when promoting friends and relatives.

I do not think that Envato does everything so straightforward. I hope the algorithm will be much trickier, and will create a lot of elevators, to promote the new and high-quality music.

According to the most simple mathematical miscalculation, new music is difficult to dial 100 sales for a couple of weeks to get around the old top of authors who appear at the top of search results

I hope you will find a middle ground!


Just type in any a search query - you will see with your own eyes!

Just keep in mind that elite authors wasnt "born" with the elite badge. Why the new authors needs to have advantage over the elite authors. Six years back I was newcomer too and "fight" for the position with Soundroll, ADG3studios, Solidbeats and other. You think it was easy? Who has better paycheck and tretman in "normal" company? Newcomers or workers who are many years with the company? I think we all know the answer. I know the new autors needs to be promoted and needs help but not at the expense of elite authors. I know many of you wont agree with me but this way Envato showed he cares about their Elite authors.
Elite authors creates one or two songs per week and upload them but most of the newcomers has at least 20-30 songs ready for uploading as I had at the beginning! If they upload them rationally (not everything the first day they join) they can do a lot.
I`m sorry if I offended anyone!


Can the search results page not be mixed up a little? One huge selling track, one newcomer track etc. And why is it impossible for the search to look at keywords first rather than title? I don’t see this solving any of the issues raised in the other thread to be honest, but Michelle did say it was a work in progress, so we can but hope!

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I hope, Envato will read my humble opinion :wink:
I realise, that Envato want to grow and i clearly understand ideas, that Soundroll and other top authors was suggested.
Envato, don’t forget that 4-5 years ago all top authors, which we can see now, were ordinary guys with dreams and ambitions. They worked a lot and received their results, which Envato so proud these days!

BUT, other authors want to work hard and have their FAIR results too!
What do i mean: From now, in some categories, we can see tracks uploaded (or last time updated) in 2012-2013.
Production of these tracks are obsolete and off-market! So, if marketplace team (owners, i mean) want to give same sales opportunities to all authors, do SO!

If you decide to change rules - ok, it’s your right!
If we will need to make more relevant description - ok, we agree!
If you want us to name our tracks some other way - ok, we’ll do so!
BUT, let the search algorithm be FAIR. We want to work hard and have our results too!

We want our tracks, also be in search results. NOT only best seling tracks.
If i make modern hybrid track, and name it “Epic Percussion”, but see some old 2013 tracks (which is almost off-market today) in top of search results - i think that search algorithm is not fair.
Market grows, time is passing away, trends are changing all the time, so i think Envato profitable to show in search results modern hot sounding tracks and give market and potential buyers some fresh air every day!

For top Authors there is “Top Authors” and “Popular Files” sections. And as i can see after search algorithm was changed last time, top authors sales didn’t decreased at all.

I respect all top authors for what they have done and keep doing, I respect Marketplace,… but Envato, ask yourself: Do you want Top authors to be everywere?

With best regards, Anthony.
Have a nice day.
I’m out :sunglasses:


Dear Leto. I agree with you, but at the top writers have a lot of leverage for sales:

  1. People know them by name
  2. They have promoted personal websites and social media profiles
  3. They are in section the Top Autnorsa and etc
  4. They have a lot of followers and badges
  5. They are in the top of the sorting Best Sellers
  6. Their tracks have long been used in projects VideoHive - and in any case, will be sold.

I hope than Envato will Leave the opportunity to promote new and hight-quality music in Sort Best Match