what is revrse sale

what is reverse sale?


A sales reversal occurs when a purchase is reversed by the payment provider (eg. payment gateway or bank) through either a credit card or Paypal account. Reversals are enforced by the payment provider and actioned in accordance with their policies. As an author, your statement will be updated to reflect the reversed transaction.

A sales reversal is not a refund. A refund can only be processed by Envato, according to envato refund policies.

More info about Sales-Reversal & Market Earnings FAQs:


so they will get the product if reverse sale occurs?

What happens when a Sales Reversal occurs

When a reversal occurs, Envato will:

  • Immediately disable the Envato account from which the purchase was made;
  • Remove the item from the customer’s Downloads page;
  • Invalidate the purchase code for the item.

usually how many days it will take this actions. for example i purchased the product on first January my payment declined after 7 days after purchase , so can i get this product?

after sale reversal customer will not be able to download the item because When a reversal occurs, Envato will immediately disable the Envato account from which the purchase was made. So, customer will ne be bale to use the account any more (disabled account).

thanks for information