Does the buyer have the right to do a "sale reversal" 10 days after purchasing the product

Does the buyer have the right to do a “sale reversal” 10 days after purchasing the product


A sales reversal occurs when a purchase is reversed by the payment provider (eg. payment gateway or bank) through either a credit card or Paypal account. Reversals are enforced by the payment provider and actioned in accordance with their policies. As an author, your statement will be updated to reflect the reversed transaction.

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It’s quite common problem/flow on the system: charge-back. When it happens, usually the username and the credit card is blocked by Envato but there’s not much things you can do.

This month I make total 15 sale and 11 reversal :rofl:
its very bad and Im unhappy :unamused:

hi i had one today and the item was not even bought this month … maybe it were several month ago, i cannot tell , maybe several months indeed … how is this possible … no idea!

I am also not happy
It seems to me that “envato” never cares about sellers

I also don’t understand. They don’t do “Refund requests”.
I am afraid that after a withdrawal someone makes “sale reversal” and the balance will be negative

no, i think that they will charge u whenever u have any credit if so, i mena except maybe if u are a very inactive author who has close to no sale at all … hard to figure out for this case lol

Which countries from usually you’re getting the reversal, if you don’t mind me to ask?

Doesn’t matter. One sale reversal = Credit Card / Payment Gate / IP / Envato Account blocked with no access to your downloads anymore. Buyers are steadily getting accustomed to the Envato refund policy and reversals are less and less often compared to when the refund system was first introduced. Unfortunately, there are cases where it’s a case of a fake credit card, in which case the system locks that account ( the purchase goes through, but the end user doesn’t have access to it ) and the accounting team processes the reversal after. It’s the endless cat and mouse game of the internet where payments are processed…

Australia-United Kingdom-Turkey

I beleive 180 days is the limit.

How many sales did you get the month before?