what is Envato Quality team ???

unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.
I did everything they want to accept my card but when published it they always told me your card isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

Please if anybody has any advice, please tell it to me because I really did everything to sell my design on this website but I don’t get what I want.
thank you so much for everything you have done for me

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Hey there! You really need to consider the commercial value of your item.

Why would anyone buy something they can easily recreate in a very short time ??

Try to create something unique.

i really did a lot of different cards but always they tell me the same reason
thank you for your time

Be patient and try again

This is not a card, there is nothing Design I can create in p minutes

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I will try till I die

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I advise you to buy some card elements and know what quality standards in which it is better

You will succeed when you know the quality standards when you purchase any items

I advise you to buy some card elements and know what quality standards in which it is better.

I really did think about this idea but I never try it

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Try it and I am sure you will succeed after that

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thank you so much for your time

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If useful please click on the solution box

And thank you very much

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Thank You So Much My Friend

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you deserve it thanks

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I can tell you what is Envato Quality team is. It is people that often do mistakes and reject even items that satisfy quality standard required. Sometimes there is no problem at your item at all. It is perfectly unique. And best judge by the quality of your product can only your customers, people that will use your item everyday. Not Envato Quality team who does a lot of mistakes on review of items.

In 2013 they rejected my script item too. Then in 2017, I released that item without any improvements as open source. And according to jqueryscript dot net my plugin was a top 3 in 2017 year, over all jquery scripts that year. Unique features that I implemented into that script and that was useful even in 2017 and not even 1 similar script had them on envato in 2013 here, their quality team or totally ignored or must be even didn’t checked it at all. Or they didn’t recognize it as unique features, because they are not those people who will use this item everyday. They are not customers who perfectly know why your script(item) is better and unique than others.

But you can keep trying. As Baraa-Gh said: “Try it and I am sure you will succeed after that”. But truth is I’m NOT sure that you will succeed after that. As you said by your own: “I will try till I die”. Sounds to me more like a true rather than “you will succeed after that”. Always be prepared for the worst here.


There’s nothing premium about this design esp for probably the most competitive category on the marketplace.

  • Font choice for contact info is not good
  • Letter spacing needs work
  • There’s a lack of hierarchy
  • url is too close to the bottom edge

People wrongfully assume that because business cards are smaller with less to them, that this makes them easier. In fact it’s probably more the opposite as things need to be flawless and pixel perfect in design.

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amazing speech
thank you so much for your time I appreciate that

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