Isn't at the quality standard required

Hello! Friends, help me know what is the cause of the failure. If You are not hard, write what you think about this work. Point me to my error, any advice is very important. Thanks in advance.

German_Kas I have got the same problem.

They (Envato Market gave a link to the forum and help centre.
First I went to the forum and I’m trying to find some help but too much is nothing not significant discussion.
I was pissed off that someone just did not write what is wrong with my business card.
Then I visited link Help Centre and I realized that there are too many important items to discuss in one message. Nevertheless, I still believe that my business card is not to bad, and probably doesn’t contain too many mistakes.
I’ll try to do it again in consideration of the requirements evanto.

Try to download their template and make the card again. Do not give up man, I’m not going to give up.
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Business Card Templates (quality standards according to Envato)

and read this:
Common Rejection Reasons for Envato Market

and this as well:
GraphicRiver General File Preparation Guidelines


Thank you for the comment and Your advice. I’m sure this will help me in the future)

This seems to be better for me. Don’t know how to reply, this is brilliantly awesome