Business card rejection on Graphicriver

I am new to Graphic river. My items were rejected two times due to not being at the quality standard required.
I don’t know what’s wrong with that. resolution is 300 DPI and the size required is correct and files are well managed too. Thumbnail is 80x80px with 300 DPI. Seriously your help is needed!
Thank You!

Please read rules and regulations and you cant submit a printable business card on videohive although you can submit that on graphicriver. try this✓&query=rejection

If there’s a problem with the files you have submitted or any technical issues with it, then they’ll usually let you know. A rejection for quality standards is more related to the design of the item.

Sorry dude it was a mistake what i meant was that Business card rejection on Graphic river

Thnx to you. you maybe right. I’ll try a different design

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