What FPS is the best for Motion Graphics?


I tried to find answer on my questions here, and didn’t find.
What is the best FPS for Motion Graphics? 25, 29.97 or even 30fps? For FULL HD video.
I see here, on Videohive users make 25, 29.97 and 30 fps in one profile. Please, help me to understand, how do you decide and choose FPS for your work?

And second question. If I export PNG sequence with Alpha from Cinema4D, what FPS I have to choose, if I want to import this sequnce in After Effects project with 29.97fps. As you know, I can only export 29 or 30 fps in Cinema4d, so how I have to right import sequence in After Effects?

P.S.: and last… I made my items with 30fps till I think about it, and had some sells, so I think what should I do next: render my works again with another FPS or leave they and make my new works with another (which???)…

Please, help, as I try to understand this!

Hi! I think that there is no “best fps”. Part of the world uses 29,97 or 30 fps (NTSC), Europe uses 25 fps (PAL). If your target customers are from Europe, present your Motion Graphics in 25 fps. Maybe is a good idea to have different fps versions for each of your Motion Graphics: 25 fps, 29,97 and 30 fps. I know that it’s very time consuming, but it will expand your type of customers. I hope so :slight_smile:

It really doesn’t matter as it’s not real-time anyway.

If they want 30 fps they can just speed up 25 fps. Or vice versa.

It’s a bit different if you film something that’s in real-time, and especially with audio that is supposed to sync.

Probably best to go with 29.97fps if you can. Easy enough to convert to 23.976fps if required, not going to look very good if you convert 23.976 to 29.97fps though.

Actually it’s the opposite.

Americans have been watching 23.976/24p footage their entire lives converted to 29.97 (59.94i) without realizing it. Every single movie, and most TV shows, shown on American TV are converted from 24. Netflix is pretty much all 24.

In the UK they are just sped up to 25.

Fun example: The movie Troy is 163 minutes long on a Region 1 DVD (and cinema), but only 154 minutes on a Region 2 DVD.

With animations/motion graphics you are more likely to just change the speed rather than actually converting.

If you have lots of fast moving things or quick pans 29.97 or even 59.94p might be a good choice. Faster movements will look smoother. If you want something that looks more like it belongs in a Star Wars movie, use 23.976.

Another thing that may or may not be an issue, is that with a fixed compression bitrate (going on web etc.), each frame at 23.976p will only be compressed 80% as much as a 29.97p clip.

all in all, 30 FPS is good for everybody…

Not for use in Europe, because of the drop frame.

I will stay with 30 FPS…if some TV Broadcast from USA need 60 FPS, no problem…