My videos are rendering choppy no matter what software I use.

Hey VHers and video guys,

I’ve been trying to make videos to promote my music on YouTube. The source clips I’m using are 1080p with frame rates between 23.97 and 29.97 depending on the clip. They play beautifully smoothly, until I render a video with them together with the music. Then for some reason, and it doesn’t matter what software I use, the rendered video appears incredibly choppy, with a horrible stutter. It’s almost as if some frames are repeated twice. It’s a subtle but nasty looking effect, and I can’t get my head around it. My exported MP4 is 24 fps.

Is this what happens when you convert a 23.97 fps file to 24 fps, or a 29.97 fps file to 24?

I’ve tried raising the quality of my exported MP4, and lowering it (in case the computer couldn’t handle playing it back for whatever reason). Nothing has worked. I cannot make smooth videos. Why?

Here’s the rendered video to describe the effect:

I would try to interpret the videos at 24fps beforehand by selecting the video in the project panel - right click - interpret footage - main, and change to 24 fps and see what happen.
Otherwise you can try to export the videos to 24 fps before eiting them, but you are going to lose some quality.
Lastr try would be some time-remapping!

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How would I do that? I’m using Corel Videostudio X10. Would I be able to do that in this software?

Good question, I normally do that in AE :joy:
Try to export the videos in 24 fps first and then edit them again. Not sure about interpreting the videos and time-remapping in Corel!

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I tried exporting a 29.97fps clip to 24fps and it destroyed the smoothness. It’s a stuttering mess. Why is it that it can’t be done more smoothly? Is the only way to ensure smoothness just choosing source clips that all have the same fps?

I just had a look at some Corel forums and someone suggests to try the speed/timelapse button to add/remove frames, have you tried that?

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Which thread was that? I’m not sure how to use the speed/timelapse button.

here it is:

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Ok, I managed to convert the 29.97fps clips nicely to 23.98fps by slowing them down 80%, but when I try the opposite and increase the speed of the 23.98fps clips by 125% to achieve 29.97fps, it still appears choppy. I have no idea how to avoid this!

Yeah it’s slobby because it has to create extra frames every second that do not exist so it probably uses some duplicate frames. Try to slowdown the 29.97fps clips to 24, and also the 23.97 up to 24, it has to create such a few frames that hopefully you won’t even notice.

Isn’t there a way to speed up 23.98 to 29.97? I’m trying but it still looks choppy?

To speed it up things get a bit complicated and you might need other softwares to do that.
I found this in the adobe forum

"If the timing is critical the usually the very best way to change 24 frames per second 29.97 is to introduce 3-2 pull down and make it interlaced. The other option, depending on the animation, is two time remap the footage. If your sequences 10 seconds long at 24 frames per second then interpret the footage as 29.97, drop it in a 29.97 Call and then time remap it to 10 seconds. Experiment with some frame blending modes and see how the action looks.

Another other option is to use third-party time remapping software like Twixtor.

The final option, since you are not stuck in the broadcasting world, is to just make your project 24 frames per second. If there is 30 FPS video involved in the project, you usually end up with better motion artifacts by removing frames than by adding them. Without knowing more about your project or actually seeing some of the animation, that’s the best advice I can give."

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Thanks. I saw that post, but I think the best way for me would be to speed up the footage somehow. I downloaded HandBrake but it doesn’t seem to work. Do you know of any software that can simply speed up a 23.98fps clip to 29.97?

I only know Twixtor but I don’t use it.
I do most of my stuff in AE and if i really need to speed up a bit some footage I use time remapping + some frame blending but so far i never had to speed up footage in terms of FPS.
I would simply try to do everything at 24fps as they suggested in the adobe forum, it seems to be the solution that gives less artifacts and that’s what you want to play it smoothly.

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Fair enough. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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Prego! :grinning:

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Is there a chance for you to try out a professional editing software like Premiere? It looks like Corel Videostudio does act up here. So before you have to jump through hoops just to convert framerates, maybe change the editing software.

More people here will be able to help you as well when you use software that professionals use.