Video footage does weird things


Hey videohivers,

I’m working on a new project for the marketplace and my video footages does weird things when I try to render a video.
Check the video below please.

Is there something that I do wrong? How do I fix these problems?
(the main video footage isnt corrupted)


Same thing happened to my one of rejected templates. Hope some one can explain this :confused:


Probably composition framerate, does not match the clip framerate.


I tried to play it in the original framerate but its still does the frame playback thing randomly. I didnt had problems when I started building the template. Any other idea on how to fix it?


Source frame rate must be equal to the final project frame rate. You need to to transcode all your sources.


Maybe the file format is also can be a problem? my footage is .mp4 at the moment.
FPS is 23.976


To avoid any problems, encode your mp4 ( 23.976fps ) to mov(final frame rate).

A lot of previews with this “effect”.


Is the footage directly out of your camera? I’ve had similar issues with AVCHD footage when used directly in my comps. But as others have said, converting to a MOV file first will fix that.


Nope. I downloaded it from vimeo. I’m actually trying to convert it and see what happens…


It seems like convert did the trick! Thanks guys!