60fps animation

Hi please, any help would be appriciated,
it looks like I am in still in my tutorial session…
i choose 60fps to my 1920x1080 resolution composition, with the intention of being able to make nice and detailed animation in my new template, but at the render it gets srewed up for me…
The music is with 25fps timeframing and of course plays very deep and slow… but the really dissapointment comes at the render itslef, because even I try to export it to a 60 either a 25 fps file, it plays fast forward (even with VLC, even at youtube upload). I tried to switch all the things back and forth… (at the render, at the comp or project settings, without any success) I am over of it, so I am kindly ask you to help me out with any suggestion that how theese are fps things are working in my case. Should I start up with a 4k video, could it be a videocard problem?