What do you think about this logo?


I want to know what are the chances to get this logo approved!

What is your opinion about it? What should I do to improve it? What are the chances to get it approved?

Thank you!

looks pretty good, you have to prepare a good preview.
Maybe show some uses of it with mockups and other names/fonts.
Show the user where this logo can work for (everything related to “camping”, mountains etc…)


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it!

this is good , i like it , u just need to add some effects a bit on the illustration part and , as @Giallo mentioned , u need to realize a good presentation , use mockups and so on, and everything should be ok :slight_smile:

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Thank so much for your review, I appreciate it. But what do you mean by “effect”? :slight_smile: @n2n44

It looks like the logo and text are not centered. The logo is a bit to the left i think.
Maybe use a diiferent font for “ABSOLUTE”.? Good luck

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Thank you! I will.

i am not sure this really is , i tend to personally believe that this may be due to the shape, as the logo is not completely symmetrical

looks good !, :slight_smile:

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just upload this and you will see if it’s approved or not :slight_smile:

simpliest way hehehehe

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well u are right though i tend to believe that if he does not fix the things i mentioned, he has risks not to be able to make it , which would be too bad as regard to the quality of the thing he has to offer indeed