Could you give me feedback for logo before sending for review

Hello, could you give me your advise what doesnt work ? or what you would make different ?

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This is other one if you can give me your advise on this one too

Thank you.

hi , u should post one by one this is easier to provide u with complete feedback

first logo
indeed, the most important problem is that the typo is really not in keeping with standards here - which turn out to be very high in terms of typo - especially as the typo here has a major downside , this is that this is not harmonious globally and in particular not matching with the illustration part’s style. There an issue as far as the hierarchy goes too since the tagline is sort of more prominent that a part of the name and this should be the other way around. Besides u have, in my view, too much of an extensive use of bold fonts here , and this is neither serving the hierarchy nor is it aesthetic actually. BTW the logo looks way better in one color version if u ask me and i believe that this is partly due to the concept and u made it come true but also due to disharmonious color combinations , thinking of color combinations in terms of complementary colors, shades of colors or theme codes would be a much better idea , indeed. Finally , beware about the execution too, there are small parts of woods which look a bit uneven so to speak and thus not 100% purely professionally executed in the end …

second logo
there is definitely originality and a concept in this one, and this is cool but the thing is that there maybe a way to improve the typo again. The proportion of text and illustration is not exactly the right one, as the illustration is definitely prevailing over the name / text and in terms of branding this is not a super good idea. Once again, the colors combinations are kind of awkward, for me colors are too “raw” , u did not really manage to create a real harmony and once more the logo looks better as a one-color version U also have to make sure that all is completely professionally executed when it comes to illustration shapes

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I like the second one. Try to put the text on circle around the icon

Thank you for your honest feedback as I am new and defenetely not a professional your advice and feedback minds a lot for me. Regarding typo and colors balance I had inspiration from others author on envato, I saw a lot of logo design where approved with only one typography used. But I am still trying my best :four_leaf_clover: Could you please suggest typo and color balance that I should use for this specific logos

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Just to be sure that I am doing work correctly, when I do my logos I always keeping font editable, as the customers can easily edit afterwards. So I dont Expend logo for shape, hope this is the way how it should be.
If you can confirm please

Thanks for help

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