Simply opinions/advice on my very first logo

Hey guys&girls. Im new here, so I felt the need to ask for opinions to improve my work. I made my first logo design and its in queue review for 3 days. Im open to listen to criticism cause Im aware that there are so many things I need to improve. But I gotta start it sooner or later. Thanks in advance. AI%20Origami%20Squirrel-01

hi , be reassured this is rather cool, not perfect indeed but cool and definitely a good base to work with. The main problem u have here is a typo one and here terms like “main” or “major” are not usurped when it comes to typo as regard to how much this is a central issue here. your tagline is too thin and i am not sure that the font u selected for the company name is the best choice to match with the illustration, though i like it in a general way. I think that u could find a main font matching more with both the illustration and the tagline than this one

apart from this the zone that u put under the squirrel looks a bit strange for a squirrel indeed and i am also not sure but the uneven lower part of this shape as this is preventing the illustration and texts to “imbricate”

Thanks for your opinion. But if the logo will be rejected, can I upload a better version of it?

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I agree about fonts, could have find better ones. About the zone that I created, I wanted to look like some rocks to give more value overall. Its the shape that bothers you or the idea? Also you havent mentioned anything about shadows. For me it looks well positioned(shadows) , but again, Im the noob here. Ty.

yes as long as u bring substantial enough changes to it, u can indeed :slight_smile: for the rock i had guessed but is it the most “natural environment” for squirrels? no the shape looks good this is rather the idea, though as i mentioned i would rather flatten it a bit more in the botton part, personally, but not sure there is anything to do with why it was rejected … for shadows, i looks fine to me , i guess … as i told u i am more likely to believe that most of your work should be typo wise …