Hi guys I need your opinion on this logo. Will it be accepted? Do you have any notes that you can help me with it?

hi masters…
at first, I want to thank sir @n2n44 to gives me his feedback on my first copy. now I tried to develop little bit. and I hope you give me your feedback gays.

hi @RaMziNeT

Sorry I say you that your logo is bad colors, shadow and typography, you need best your logo thank you.

@JeriTeam thank you for your opinion i preacher that. Do you think that I must remove the shadow and change the font?

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Yes, I am not expert to logo but I invite you my friend @n2n44 he will help you because he know more that I and he is experience 17+ design graphic, good luck regards.

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hi indeed, i think that u have a collection of problems

first of all sorry to say just this but quite frankly i cannot manage to identify what i the concept here and , in other words, what the illustration is supposed to be all about … in addition, this style, sort of detailed, in not really suiting the logo marketplace really well … the color combinations are not working and besides u are using a bit too many colors so that u manage to create a global coherence in the logo as a whole … for color choices, think about complementary colors, theme colors and shades of the same color , it will help u to bring some harmony to the table rathe easily , te typo is not original or worked out enough for here as here this is a central issue, probably the most important of all at the moment , what u have requires more originality, mare variations, more font combinations, and this would help u to have a tagline for this …

gracias, Jeri :slight_smile:

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Realy i thank you soooo much because you comment on my topic . I will work on the advices that you dive it to me . And i will put again new demonstration.
Thank you so much .

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Thank you jeri

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u are welcome if u feel like this could help u enough , just click the “solution” box :slight_smile: good work and good luck for the next submission :slight_smile:

hi @n2n44
i am waiting for your opinion about my new edit for my logo.
thank you

hi @n2n44 i edit my logo again chek it please

With respect I would abandon this and start something new. If you really want to go on with it then:

  • the typography and font choices are far too plain and basic

  • even in the preview image the font you use in the description looks wrong and whilst not part of the logo, does become part of your submission

  • is the design entirely original and layered artwork and not just an adapted vector or other asset?

  • the think line areas on the roof etc will likely look odd when the image is made smaller or printed


yes its origenal i created fro the zero